Integrating Care to Prevent and Manage Chronic Diseases BEST PRACTICES IN PUBLIC HEALTH

Maio 12, 2023 Por

People with complex health needs require care from different providers across multiple healthcare settings.
Therefore, they are at greater risk of receiving fragmented care. Countries have responded to this
challenge by implementing patient-centred, integrated models of care designed to prevent and manage
chronic diseases.
This report is part of the OECD’s work on promoting best practices in public health in OECD and
EU27 countries. It aims to help countries improve care delivery by examining the potential to scale-up and
transfer best practice integrated care models. Integrated care models reviewed as part of the report range
from small pilots operating at the city level to nationwide programmes covering entire populations. Further,
many case studies operate at a specific level of care, such as primary care, while others cover the whole
spectrum of healthcare services.
Selected integrated care models were assessed against a validated performance framework outlined in
the OECD Guidebook on Best Practices in Public Health. The framework includes five criteria namely
effectiveness, efficiency, equity, the quality of the evidence-base, and the extent of coverage. The
assessment also covered the potential to transfer integrated care models across countries…artigo completo aqui